If Your Car Breaks Down, Call Terp's Towing

If Your Car Breaks Down, Call Terp's Towing

We'll tow your car to the nearest repair shop

Maybe your car stalls while you're driving home from work, or maybe it starts making a loud, unusual noise on the way to the store. In situations like these, you should move your car off the road and call a local towing company immediately.

Car problems never happen at a convenient time. Luckily, Terp's Towing is always available. We offer 24/7 towing and accept plans from most insurance companies.

Call Terp's Towing today at 607-644-5699 to tow your car to your neighborhood repair shop.

3 reasons why we use a flatbed tow truck

We know what you're thinking: "why does it matter what kind of truck a towing company uses?" Actually, it matters quite a bit.

Towing companies can use all kinds of vehicles, including wheel-lift and boom trucks. We use a flatbed truck for several reasons:

  • It can prevent further damage to your car, especially if your car was in an accident.
  • Since it lifts your car off the road, a flatbed tow truck can prevent wear on your car's tires and transmission.
  • In some cases, a flatbed tow truck is the only way to transport your car.

We'll take extra precaution when towing your car. Contact Terp's Towing today for service you can trust.