Locked Out of Your Car?

Locked Out of Your Car?

Terp's Towing to the rescue

Bad days happen to all of us. If yours involves locking your keys in your car, call Terp's Towing first. You can count on us to unlock your car and retrieve the keys quickly. Call 607-644-5699 today for fast car lockout service.

Don't damage your car by attempting to unlock it

We've seen car owners use just about everything to try unlocking their cars: shoelaces, wire coat hangers and even car lockpicking kits. If you've locked your keys in your car and don't have a spare set lying around anywhere, don't try any of those DIY methods. You could end up:

  • Breaking your car window
  • Scratching the paint
  • Damaging the door frame

Terp's Towing has the right equipment for the job. You can count on us to retrieve your keys without damaging your car. Contact us today to get expert lockout service.