Get on the Road Again in No Time

Get on the Road Again in No Time

Call a pro to jump-start your car

You're late to a meeting and your car won't turn on. This isn't how you planned to start your morning. Fortunately, Terp's Towing can help you get back on schedule.

We jump-start cars of all makes and models. If your car won't start and you think your car battery is dead or dying, call 607-644-5699 today.

How to tell if your car battery is dead

A dead battery can cause all kinds of car problems. You'll need to call a tow company for a jump-start if:

  • Your engine turns over but won't start
  • Your interior lights, headlights and radio won't turn on
  • Nothing happens when you turn the key

If you're experiencing any of these car troubles, turn to Terp's Towing first. Rest assured that we can get your car started again. Contact us today to jump-start your car.